Elation Health and Wellness for Life Partner to Deliver Innovative Care in On-site Clinics

Joint solution will support high-quality health outcomes for employers and employees

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Elation Health, a cloud-based platform that enables independent physicians to provide collaborative, patient-centered care and Wellness for Life, a rapidly growing provider of integrated employee health benefits and operator of Direct Primary Care clinics, today announced a pioneering partnership.  Under the terms of the agreement, Wellness for Life will leverage Elation’s Clinical-First EHR, application programming interfaces (APIs), and database capabilities to provide services to Wellness for Life’s patients. The new systems will be deployed through 20 locations, serving more than 80 institutional clients, including employers from both the private and public sectors.

“Elation’s focus on providing an innovative experience in primary care aligns perfectly with Wellness for Life’s focus to deliver high-quality care for employers and customers,” said Igor Kozunov, Chief Executive Officer at Wellness for Life. “We look forward to partnering with Elation to establish industry-leading best practices and empower our providers to drive the best possible clinical outcomes.”

Wellness for Life is one of the leading health and benefits services organizations spearheading the development of the Direct Primary Care model and membership-based clinics. Wellness for Life designs and implements personalized and cost-effective primary care options for employers that improve access and quality of care across the care continuum.

As part of the Elation Provider Network, Wellness for Life’s clinics will be part of a network whose reach has grown to more than 200,000 providers. Elation’s platform allows providers to collaborate on patient care, securely sending and receiving crucial clinical data that drives improved outcomes and more informed decisions at the point of care. As part of its work with Elation, Wellness for Life expects to see improved outcome reporting, capabilities to develop patient engagement applications, and better tools to interact with its network of providers.

“To transform primary care, innovative care providers need more powerful clinical tools as well as access to data that can drive improved outcomes,” says Kyna Fong, co-founder and CEO of Elation Health.  “Our customers in the on-site clinic space are finding value in Elation for its robust data capabilities, user experience, and extensive APIs.  We’re focused on giving these clinicians the tools they need to drive meaningful care outcome improvement.”

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Elation Health has a long track record of serving independent primary care physicians in innovative environments for care delivery. The company is focused on automating physician workflows to enable providers to focus on their patients, and its networked Collaborative Health Record empowers physicians to share information and coordinate patient care across visits, locations, and providers. Comprehensive data capabilities further support independent physicians’ need to measure and demonstrate high-quality care.

“Elation’s powerful tools, data capabilities, and API’s will enable Wellness for Life to continue to innovate in care delivery,” said Justin Leigh, Chief Operating Officer at Wellness for Life. “Wellness for Life is excited to leverage Elation Health’s unique and groundbreaking platform to help achieve a shared vision of delivering phenomenal care in cutting-edge care settings.”

About Elation Health:

Elation Health strengthens the patient-physician relationship by providing a revolutionary, provider-centric platform that allows physicians to focus on their patients and on-site care clinics to deliver value for employers. The company concentrates on innovative care models, including direct primary care and risk bearing groups. Founded in 2010 by siblings, Kyna and Conan Fong, Elation’s “Clinical First” philosophy and intuitive design are trusted by thousands of clinicians. For more information, visit www.elationhealth.com.

About Wellness for Life:

Wellness for Life Medical, LLC is a rapidly growing health and benefits services organization headquartered in Indiana.  Wellness for Life operates Direct Primary Care Clinics and On-Site Employee Clinics in the Midwest and throughout the Country.  Wellness for Life Clinics provide a wide scope of family medicine services, occupational health, medication dispensing, and diagnostics.  Wellness for Life’s patients enjoy open access to medical care, disease management, and wellness services free of wait times and co-pays.

Wellness for Life works with employers to develop custom health plan designs that emphasize primary care and prevention and feature narrow, value-based medical networks and direct purchasing of ancillary services to help better empower healthcare consumers.  In addition to providing medical services, Wellness for Life serves as the health data hub that leverages modern technologies and actionable analytics to help achieve superior medical and financial outcomes for its patients and clients.  For more information, visit www.healthcare-redefined.com.


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